Sunday, 23 August 2009


First, I have to thank all our fantastic customers who have brought in their projects and had them photographed for this blog, then apologise as due to a technical hitch and a holiday they are all still waiting to be published which will be very soon so please come back again soon to see the talent show.
Meanwhile, I have been socialising in Falkirk while Maxine has been working hard. However, despite our fatigue (Maxine's work induced, mine pleasure induced) we both dragged ourselves out of bed at a very unreasonable time for a Sunday and drove to Coldharbour Mill in Devon for Fibrefest.....................................
and it was worth it!
Once there, our heads cleared and we dived into the trade tent forgetting our caffeine cravings for the rest of the morning.
At the very first stand we met the lovely Sasha Kagan and admired her beautiful designs. We even went back later on with an 80's book we found on a charity stall....

There was no end of fantastic stalls to admire

We even met the amazing speed knitter who taught Kirsty Allsopp how to knit, you can see the beach inspired draft excluder on display. She was very friendly and we are hoping to see her again.

I know outside the mill I should be photographing the mill wheel but I couldn't resist this laden pear tree, there were 3 of them and it was all I could do not to start picking them.

We wandered round to the livestock and found some alpscas for sale. Maxine wanted to buy one but we couldn't keep it in the courtyard that floods so we took a photo instead.

Then we found the amazing ladies who made the Gingerbread house and giant Christmas tree. They are working on a Seaside project which will eventually be a walk through tunnel complete with a lighthouse and set for completion next September. I couldn't believe my eyes, already it is an amazing work of art which grows more amazing every minute you spend looking at the detail, I could have filled this blog with photos.....

Then just as I thought we would escape without a photo of the wheel we heard the echo of the saxophonist playing right next to it, bathed in the late afternoon sun.

Tempting as it was to stay, we wanted to rush home and start knitting straight away, I haven't even had time to photograph our purchases and you will have to wait as the next blog will be full of customer talent!
Most exciting of all : we are now stockists of Coldharbour Aran which can be purchased in 4 lovely shades from this Tuesday, while stocks last....


  1. Looks fantastic. More photos pleeease.

  2. Hi, Just found you via Suzy's Vintage Attic. Hope Fibrefest is a regular event. Never heard of it before but would love to go if it's on next year! That mermaid is amazing:)

  3. Hi
    Lovely to bump into you today at the 'damp' Flea! Would you mind adding my name to the crochet course? I have to check it doesn't coincide with a parents evening but it should be okay. Thanks..hope you're ready for a weak student!!