Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sticky Position

Guess what?
We were runners up! I was thrilled 'til I realised we don't know how many entrants there were.........2?
But look at our trophy and we get a photo in the paper, well worth 200 hours of knitting and 5 minutes dusting.

More exciting than that we proudly introduce our very own, organic, hand dyed, double knit wool in a range of jam and preserve colours : Chutney, Blueberry, Greengage, Damson, Sloeberry, Raspberry and of course Clotted Cream to top it off.

These are available in the shop or by mail order; telephone or e-mail through our website.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Autumn Glory

Frome has been a very busy town since the children have gone back to school. Last Saturday was the Cheese Show, there is a lot more there than just cheese and the kids liked this future woolly jumper.

On Thursday we had the start of the 6th stage of the Tour of Britain, we had a very exciting evening on Wednesday which included a race up the cobbles of Catherine Hill. Then we had the privilege of seeing all these young cyclists in lycra, there was even a 'marmalade' team.

We have been busy in the shop too and had our first crochet get together and are now running our first ever 'Learn to Knit' class which is fun.
Maxine has been knitting her fingers to the bone and asking all passers by to help in order to get our autumn/carnival window ready for judging this Sunday.
Barbie has been kitted out in her Halloween jumper:

The glorious King Cole sunflower wall hanging has been created:

Various fruit and veg and a bag have been knitted and crocheted:

Seasonal teacosies:

and above them all some mittens and pumpkins hanging on the washing line!
We hope the judges are impressed.
My contribution? I dusted the windowsill and said WOW!