Tuesday, 31 March 2009

We love to knit and crochet and are very lucky to be taking over the wool shop in our town. Tina, the current owner is off to Australia to join her husband, one of her daughters and 2 cats who have gone ahead. Sadly, she has to leave her lovely shop which she opened 3 years ago but we have promised to look after it. We have set the date for taking over for Mon 20th April, safely after the Easter holidays and we can hardly wait.

This week has been the busiest (and most exciting) of all. Yesterday we met Annabelle our local Rowan rep and we could hardly contain ourselves, she had such lovely things but we tried hard to stick to our budget and only succumbed to a couple of extra goodies.

Today we have been to Ikea to get some shelving and pick up a few other pretty things.

Previously I have been painting old furniture to take to the shop and there are bits and pieces lurking in the garage and all over the house.

Maxine has been speed knitting and writing out her own patterns and we have been talking about so many plans for the future we can't remember them all.
We are looking forward to meeting the Patons rep tomorrow and completing an order with Sirdar.
I just need to get off the computer and do some knitting or I might be in trouble...