Thursday, 27 September 2012

Frome, we love it!

You can imagine how excited I was to see this next to the river in town on Saturday morning.

Yarnbombers in Frome, how fantastic. I hope they strike again soon.

Frome is a wonderful place to live, friendly, bright, dynamic; well I am a bit biased! 
We have a quaint town centre with a lot of independent retailers, especially around us in Catherine Hill, so if you are not lucky enough to live here, it is well worth a visit.
If you are lucky enough to live here then we have just started a new Ravelry group to unite all the yarn lovers of Frome, click here to join. We hope to keep everyone informed of all yarn related events and bring together local stitchers to share their talents.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Frome WI

Last night Maxine, Rosie, Sue, Janet, Mary and I all took our knitting and crochet and descended on the :

This is a very new WI run by dynamic and enthusiastic young women, we had a great evening talking about knitting and crochet and looking at the lovely projects members had brought along to show. It would be great to see some pictures of the evening but I was having such a good time I forgot to take any! However there is a picture on their Facebook page here
This is the poster they used as an advert to recruit new members:

I would highly reccommend this group, they have a table of home baking and wine for refreshments and lots of friendly faces. Check out the blog here  and if you are in the area pop along to the next meeting on 18th October.

Friday, 14 September 2012

This week I have been mostly drooling over:

This is my favourite docket this week:

 While I was away in the summer some new Skein Queen sock yarn arrived, quite a few had sold by the time I got back. However, this is probably a good thing as I have a sock knitting queue which really doesn't need added to but I still struggle on a daily basis not to take a skein home. On tuesday I placed one by the till and chatted about why I shouldn't start another pair of socks with all the slightly bemused customers. This worked well and at the end of the day I managed to put it back on the shelf, for now anyway.
 Last week we restocked the delightful Jillybean range. This locally sourced, hand spun and hand dyed yarn just begs you to knit it. The names are so evocative, 'Evening Tor' , 'Shepherds Delight' , 'Coal Face' , 'Geranium' and 'Up For a Cuddle' all make me smile.
Maxine has succumbed to the charms and snaffled some before it even hit the shelf. Remember Highland Fling? Well watch this space for the next Jillybean project. I am currently loading some of these beauties on to the webshop where they should be available by Monday.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

September, reasons to be cheerful.

I spent a long time away from the shop this summer and had a very difficult and sad time. On my return Maxine (and Rosie) had been working hard and a lot of new stock had arrived. The shelves are full and we are bursting at the seams.

Now it is September. I love September, the sun is still shining but the air has a crisp smell after the colder nights. I know the nights are drawing in but that brings the promise of cosy fireside knitting, toasty blankets and comfort food. The new season patterns are full of cables and fair isle. I am scared to look in the new books as every time I do I see at least 3 more "must knits".
Today I opened the new Debbie Bliss Magazine: Gorgeous cabled Paloma jumper, cutest 'fox' hat and mitts, mens jumpers that my husband would wear and stunning lace: Check it for yourself if you dare here.
Best of all, new yarns keep rolling through the door: Lovely pure wool aran:

New Knitcol colours:

and chunky scarf yarns


Cheeriest of all, new pom pom Jester. If that doesn't cheer you up.....

then come along for a visit and we will show you more reasons to love this time of year.