Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year - New Project

January is marmalade making time.
The decorations are down and all the possibilities of a New Year ahead are quite exciting.
However, if you eat toast and marmalade every day then you need to get preserving. I ran out this year and am so looking forward to the fresh batch of marmalade.

New Year is also a time to start some new projects. If you are looking for some bargain yarn, in the shop we have several sale items, including Cashmerino dk, at the incredible price of £3.50.
We also have crofter chunky, colourspun and galaxy chunky all reduced.

If you are wondering what to cast on, then have a look at Ysolda's mystery knit along
I spotted it on Christmas eve, have dragged out some stash yarn and am counting the days to January 13th when the first clue is published. I have wanted to do a mystery knit along for ages but never had the opportunity coinciding with appropriate yarn or sufficient time, this one looks especially interesting with 5 clues over 5 weeks and 2 choices in every clue, how exciting. The perfect antedote for January blues, how can anyone feel down with fresh marmalade and a knit along?