Saturday, 7 November 2009

Madness, Mayhem and Mochi

We always knew this was a seasonal business and lucky for us we took over the shop in the quiet season. We are now in full flood knitting season and happily, most days the shop is bursting at the seams. I always take some knitting with me to work but can't remember the last time I had a minute to do a row!
We survived half term, Maxine had her first holiday since we opened and brought back some Crystal Palace Mini Mochi for us to play with.

True to form, Maxine now has a pair of fingerless mittens and mine is stashed waiting to be socks, probably in time for my 50th birthday. However, we are so pleased with the wool we have decided to stock some and now have 5 colours. These fingerless mittens/wristwarmers are wonderful and can be made with any wool, a great stash buster and Christmas present ....(sshh don't mention Christmas)

While away Maxine also managed to whizz up a beautiful Kureyon hood, so simple but very effective and cosy.

This has started a Noro love affair and even the cafetiere has a Kureyon cosy. This only takes one ball and dare I say, another great present.

This brings me back to the painful truth that I have to face, not only am I now in retail where Christmas starts in October (silent scream), my business partner thinks this is great and wants to do everything with extra lights and more glitter, I have already hoovered up bits of tinsel from trees that are lined up waiting to make an appearance. I am taking lots of deep breaths and trying to get in the mood.

We have a lovely customer who has kindly brought us some festive coloured cotton from America. Our first thought was to make some Christmas bunting in the style above but if any of you creative bloggers have better ideas we would love to hear them.

I am off to knit a Christmas present. Teeth are gritted...