Wednesday, 14 March 2012

FREE PATTERN! (After the talent worship)

Friday night was crochet get together evening where we spend more time admiring amazing projects than actually doing crochet. This month saw the appearance of Janet's breathtaking shilasdair and rowan tweed blanket. To say the photo doesn't do it justice is an understatement. The pink/yellow/grey combination is stunning, I wish I had taken more photos.

 Meanwhile, our fledgling crochet class of complete beginners were amazing too. After one lesson we had a girl who whipped together a baby cardigan of her own design. Once she could do trebles there was no stopping her. Impressive. The 2nd lesson was granny squares and we also taught the circle in a square design and you can see the rest of the class were brilliant too.

We also allowing knitting at our crochet evening and were blown away when Victoria produced her Rams and Yowes blanket
 She is hiding behind it. She had cut the steek and was about to do the edge.

Finally, Maxine, who is very excited about the jubilee, has designed a Coronation Crown Jar cover.
The flowers are courtesy of Bramble and Wild, the beautiful florist on the hill.
So watch this space as things are about to become very red, white and blue around here.
If you want to join us the pattern is free on our website here.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

More Socks?

Maxine finished knitting her first pair of socks in the round and she actually enjoyed it, they are in the fantastic Regia Stadion and now she will be churning out socks making me, the slow knitter, jealous.
 Debbie Orr of Skein Queen came to visit this week and I acquired this stunning yarn which almost glows. As I gazed lovingly at it I decided we must have more.........
 So we releived Debbie of the need to cart the rest of her yarns home and they are now in the shop, Hooray.
As I was loading them onto the shelf the new Opal sock yarns arrived, Fairies and Elves:
 and 'Let Flowers Speak', Lasst Blumen Sprechen Hand Dyed:

If only I could knit faster!