Friday, 26 February 2010

New Spring Stock!

Our deliveries normally arrive in a cardboard box, today was different.
I promise you, I am not as confused as I look.
The first lamb was breach but no2 arrived as he should.
Just what we had feared, 3! They were a bit reluctant to get going. 'Look, some future Debbie Bliss' said Duncan, he thinks he knows a bit about wool now but then spoilt it by saying... 'or silk kid super hair'

At last, they all had their heads up but Mum was bleating, 'I only have 2 teats you know'

'Oh no, I'm next' Our only pure breed is a Wiltshire Horn called Chloe. She didn't look too amused.

Just a footnote to say all the photos are courtesy of my 6 year old. Thanks.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Spring Stock

I thought the winter stock arriving would be the highlight of the year but surprisingly, I have been very excited by our recent new stock:
Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, a basket to rival Kidsilk Haze........

Crystal Palace Taos which is a soft aran wool:

We also have Panda silk, a bamboo based sock wool and this fantastic beaded 'Chakra' by Mango Moon. It is multi coloured with beautiful beads and sea glass, really special.

We are loving the Rowan Revive, not only is it made from recylcled clothes,the patterns are fantastic and it can be combined with regular double knit.

Last time I promised something for the crochet fans, we now have proper crochet cotton and

some amazing crochet patterns from Leisure Arts..................

A lot of new colours in cotton have been arriving. The weather is not very spring like so
to cheer myself up I have been looking at the cottons and dreaming of sunshine while hugging the radiator. Perhaps I should knit myself a warm jumper.