Friday, 26 February 2010

New Spring Stock!

Our deliveries normally arrive in a cardboard box, today was different.
I promise you, I am not as confused as I look.
The first lamb was breach but no2 arrived as he should.
Just what we had feared, 3! They were a bit reluctant to get going. 'Look, some future Debbie Bliss' said Duncan, he thinks he knows a bit about wool now but then spoilt it by saying... 'or silk kid super hair'

At last, they all had their heads up but Mum was bleating, 'I only have 2 teats you know'

'Oh no, I'm next' Our only pure breed is a Wiltshire Horn called Chloe. She didn't look too amused.

Just a footnote to say all the photos are courtesy of my 6 year old. Thanks.


  1. Wow! well done to your 6 yr old....great pics!

  2. Gosh, that brings back memories:-)
    Congratulations to your girls.