Friday, 12 March 2010

Take A Peep

At the risk of looking more like an animal lovers blog than a knitting one, I thought you would like to see Scarlett, one of Maxine's trio of chickens, Nancy and Heidi are equally handsome, they have all settled in well and are laying eggs already.

William wasn't going to be left out and started posing for a photo, just loke the marmalade cat in our shop.

Maxine's Mum kindly knitted her this beautiful yellow Kid Silk Haze tank top. Luckily it is still too cold to wear it so it is in the window teamed up with the beautiful Opal wrap from Winter Blooms by Kim Hargreaves. This one is knitted in Noro Silk Garden Sock,

but, prolific as ever, Maxine has also made one in Kidsilk Aura which the pattern was designed in.

We have recently started to stock Crystal Palace yarns and now have the divine Panda Silk which is a summer weight sock yarn with bamboo, merino and silk. One of our talented customers, Sue Harrington , has made these beautiful striped socks for her lucky son.

Check out Posh Ted, he is now proudly wearing a Knitcol jumper, although I get the feeling he thinks he should be sporting a monocle and cravat.
I thought I had better redress the balance and put in some knitted chickens. We have gathered a small army of these chocolate egg chickens.

Now, I am sure 'army ' has never been used to describe a collection of chickens before: a flock, a brood or a clutch would be better but my favourite : a peep of chickens.


  1. Why have I not found your wonderful blog before now I ask myself??? I wish your shop was closer for me to visit.Lucey xx

  2. Hello! I love Posh Ted's jumper! We have a Lifeboat Bear with pretensions. At the moment he is attired in a blue guernsey, I think he would be happier in this!

    Fab chicken!