Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Where has December gone?

It's hard to believe it is nearly Christmas eve. We have vowed to start our Christmas knitting in February next year to avoid the panic knitting in December. However everything is made and wrapped and we are looking forward to our 2 hours in the shop om Christmas eve. We have really enjoyed the sparkly yarns in the shop and despite my grumbles, I will miss the extra lights.

Maxine's cushions have been popular and we could have sold them a dozen times, she refuses to sell them however, I might try to sneak them past her on Christmas eve, they would look good on my sofa.

Remember Charlotte and the dolls with their knitted outfits? Well, she also made this beautiful fairy which we had perched at the top of our tree for a few weeks. I was sad to say goodbye to her and the top of the tree is really bare.

We hope you have all finished your knitted presents and are going to indulge yourselves over Christmas and knit or crochet something special.
See you in the New Year.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Every time I post something I promise myself that it won't be as long before I do another update but things always conspire against me and weeks pass by. This time it was my computer which tried very hard to die. Luckily a fantastic computer surgeon saved it and all the files; amazing!

Now December has arrived and there are so many things I want to show you. I ran down to the shop today with the camera and quickly snapped a few of the Christmas decorations and the stockings which were entered in our competition however, running and quickly snapping are not conducive to producing good pictures so I will definitely have to do this in 2 parts (or more)

So here are the things which I managed to photograph with no wobble or silly angles:

The wreath on the front door, there are miles of garter stitch involved and it took a lot longer than anticipated :

One of my favourites, the Alan Dart Christmas advent tree, complete with decorations and knitted by one of our wonderful customers in aid of Help for Heroes:

and a small part of the window featuring Maxines amazing Christmas Pudding alongside our Noro coffee cosy and you can just see the edge of a pom-pom wreath with Mary and Joseph beside it.

Our window was highly commended in the Chamber of Commerce Christmas window competition and I will try to post an in focus picture soon. I have to admit that being surrounded by Christmas all day in the shop is fun and I am really glad it is December now so I can start to get a few decorations out at home... I said a FEW.

More soon (I hope).