Monday, 20 April 2009

The Big Day

After weeks of planning and waiting we now have the keys and started painting yesterday, you can see the state of excitement Maxine was in from the tin of paint she was using. We were in raptures as we applied the strawberry ice cream coloured paint. True to form Maxine managed to do 3 walls to my 1 (we have very different painting styles).

I hardly slept last night thinking of the mammoth task we had today and couldn't believe it when it took all day to dismantle 2 shelves and put 2 new ones together, if I ever have to assemble another Ikea shelf......
Meanwhile, Maxine was painting a second coat, the streamline machine arrived as well as a large Sirdar order, we couldn't move for the chaos and mess and it was time to pick up the kids and go back to our other lives. But only for a short while after a much needed break we returned and against all expectations have got wool on the shelves.....Things on display........... and the excellent 'MARMALADE' bunting up,LOOK ............................
Needless to say Maxine made it and all the other beautiful knitted and crocheted things on display but did I mention, I put up the shelves?
It was getting late when we decided to call it a day but couldn't resist a peep in from outside. What a day! Tomorrow, our first day of trading, better get some sleep.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

10 days to go....

Look at these cute chicks for putting Creme eggs into. I am struggling to produce one each for my children while Maxine has made 14! I am incredulously amazed, impressed and jealous but also grateful as she has given me the 2 on the right of the picture to boost my pitiful numbers.

I have been busy though, trying to line some baskets which we want to put balls of wool into.

These baskets have given me hours of headaches and I am not very satisfied with the results, I'd rather be knitting.....

or perhaps crocheting, I have been desperate to use these new hooks, only one more basket to line and I will be free.
Rowan have kindly sent us some garments for display which are beautifully knitted, especially this kidsilk haze cardi, the colours are amazing and it is so soft, we love kidsilk haze!

I am off home to Falkirk and to meet my beautiful new neice Lola Jane, who will be 4 weeks old when I see her, thus leaving Maxine to tie up all the loose ends and continue her frenzied knitting.
So I leave you with a jar:

Next time we will be proud owners of a massive stash...I mean shop.