Tuesday, 26 January 2010

My Heart's In The Highlands

Well, did you guess? Action Man does not look too pleased with his kilt, I think it is the oversized ruffles and tammy that really upset him, that sporran looks a bit dodgy too

We just managed to get him in place on Monday in time for Burns Night.

As it is nearly February we teamed him up with hearts on tartan ribbon and we both heaved a sigh of relief to get the messy boxes out the window and a new display which makes the passers by stop and smile.

The sale is still on and I haven't taken a picture of our poor couch which is groaning under the boxes of bargains. We have a beautiful new crocheted blanket to put on the couch when that corner of the shop returns to normality.

Meanwhile Maxine tidied up the stock room and I was in raptures over the organisation (sad but true) :

The tidying was necessary as we have done a stock take and are eagerly waiting some exciting new stock. Crochet fans watch this space...but don't worry we have a few things coming for you knitters too.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Anyone for a Rummage?

This month our double award winning window has taken a downward turn and taken on the 'tatty jumble sale' look.

Where there are usually oodles of quirky knits there are just boxes of wool.

Even the comfy sofa has been downgraded to jumble style wool display.

Needless to say there are several bargains to be had and well worth a good old fashioned rummage.

But, we have not given up on our dear old window and are both knitting like mad for the next display which is coming very soon, here is a preview of the half finished project I am working on....

Any ideas?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy Snowy New Year

Happy New Year. What a start, just as you think normality is returning...............
Now the kids are off school again and the shop was shut for most of the day. Maxine opened for a couple of hours and was amazed at the invincible spirit of the local knitters who flocked through the door, I suppose if things worsen we could all make do without bread or milk but if we ran out of yarn.... heaven forbid.
Thought you would like to see my 'live' wool, one of them sporting a snow beard.

Hope you are all cosying up by the fire with your needles or hooks, I have a few plans of my own: