Thursday, 8 March 2012

More Socks?

Maxine finished knitting her first pair of socks in the round and she actually enjoyed it, they are in the fantastic Regia Stadion and now she will be churning out socks making me, the slow knitter, jealous.
 Debbie Orr of Skein Queen came to visit this week and I acquired this stunning yarn which almost glows. As I gazed lovingly at it I decided we must have more.........
 So we releived Debbie of the need to cart the rest of her yarns home and they are now in the shop, Hooray.
As I was loading them onto the shelf the new Opal sock yarns arrived, Fairies and Elves:
 and 'Let Flowers Speak', Lasst Blumen Sprechen Hand Dyed:

If only I could knit faster!

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