Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sock Knitters Annonymous

Thanks to The Knitter issue 42. I ditched my newly cast on socks and 'just reached the exciting yoke pattern' Killing jumper and spent the last 2 evenings making this adorable Easter bauble. Not as useful as socks but oddly satisfying.
We all seem to be a bit obsessed with socks just now. Even Maxine who suffers from a knitting in the round phobia is flying through a pair and loving every minute. I promise pictures soon.
My own 'sock queue' and sock yarn stash could keep me occupied for several years, I think fuelled by the fact that there is nothing better to put on your feet than hand made socks.
These are Cookie A's monkey socks, sadly only worn for the photo then given away.

These are plain bog standard socks BUT in Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, happily worn every single second they are not in the wash all winter. Heaven!
If you too have a sock habit then best not click on the next link. Our favourite local tech editor, the long suffering Jen, who is frequently hooked off the street and into the shop to help with some scary pattern hiccup. I made the mistake of looking at her blog and 'OH NO' there was a link to her own sock queue on Ravelry. She has made the most gorgeous Kai socks which are worth a peek but I am warning you, sock temptation! Click if you dare!

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  1. Hehehehe! I love to enable sock queuing! I need to cast on a new pair, STAT!