Monday, 20 July 2009

Rowan rainbow and a flood

This week the shop has been fairly quiet however, it is the week of Maxines move so she has been rushed off her feet while I have minded the shop and a selection of her things, she has already chosen colours for her dining room and made this fresh cushion which I am under pain of death not to sell. I spent one quiet morning considering hiding it and telling her I sold it for a tenner but somehow I couldn't bring myself to torture her frayed nerves any further. The beret is from RYC Classic Weekend book and if you look to the right you can see our pitiful selection of Rowan pure wool dk ....

but that was before the arrival of........................

Now, this is only 6 of the fabulous colours. We have 18 gorgeous colours in our pure wool docket and I can happily stack these colours all day. I don't know how I will cope in August when all the other new stock arrives.

Maxine has been getting ready for the arrival of lots of Aran by knitting this lovely Rowan pure wool Aran cardi. Unfortunately she wasn't wearing it this week when Annabelle, our Rowan rep arrived and to make matters worse I was wearing the Sirdar sublime cardi, woops. We continue to have our wonderful customers amazing us with their beautiful projects; this baby shawl is cream baby cashmerino with pure silk contrast stripes, it is sumptious:

Another lucky baby will be wearing this beautiful hacho cardigan and a vast array of other delightful projects which I am sure I will be featuring more of.

We had a bit of a disaster this Tuesday when we arrived to find a swimming pool in the back courtyard seeping through the back door and soaking our beloved carpet. After spending all day taking buckets of water through the shop to tip down the drain at the front a lovely man unblocked the narrow drain in the yard and we didn't have to spend all night at the shop baling out. I did however have to rescue 2 frogs from the wool !
Meanwhile, some projects of mine included this black sheep, I was happier about her 3 bags full than I was with her, the face doesn't seem right and her legs are a bit wobbly.............

I was much happier with the rowan handknit cotton pink elephant which put all other projects on hold while I crocheted her for no other reason than I couldn't resist the pattern.

What I should have been doing was finishing the boottees for my cousins baby who may well be a year old before they are done. I managed to make 2 right shoes (yes, it matters, there is a T bar and button) so as usual when I have a hiccup the whole project stalls and I also have a more tantalizing option....
My new Uk Alpaca blanket, we would love to stock this wool sometime soon, so I thought I would try it out and spent my last job's leaving present (cash for my stash) to buy enough alpaca for a double blanket.Unfortunately you can't buy time and I think I need to make about 300 of these squares but I have to say I am loving every second and don't mind if it takes me 5 years, which it probably will.This week saw the beginning of the much needed summer holidays. I have never worked through the summer so this will be a challenge for the kids and me. Maxine will also be coping with unpacking in a new house. We've survived the first couple of days now it's Saturday night and you know your getting old when you don't think pub or cinema? rather boottees or blanket??


  1. Helloo!
    Poor things, what mess that must have made! I hope that Maxine's move has gone smoothly and that she is settling well in her new home. The colours of those yarns!!! Bliss, I look forward to my next visit and coming away with a bag full of gorgeous colours.
    Really like the elephant, so very sweet!
    Take care
    See you both soon (Week after next)
    Isabelle x

  2. Hi Maxine,
    It was dead on the hill all day...due to the downpour!Hope the move went well.I'm not at the fair on Sunday as I'm doing the Homespun fair in Cornwall but I'm working on Weds if you're about do pop in!

  3. Hi Maxine

    I'll be at DH tomorrow, but will be painting in the Cheese Room. Do make sure you say hello. Won't be there till late morning/lunchtime though.

    There are a couple of lovely places nearby for your brother to take you for lunch/tea&cake!

    Have you used that fabric yet?

    Sue x

  4. Hi Maxine

    I missed you by no more than 5 minutes apparently!!! Better luck next time. Glad you enjoyed your visit and thanks for your purchases.

    Yes, usual place at the Flea. See you then.

    Sue x