Friday, 10 July 2009

Sweet Sorrow !

At last, our new signage arrived and we really are Marmalade Yarns now. No more confusion for the delivery men.

This month, we have a 10% off Sirdar Snuggly Yarns and have put all the lovely display items on our washing line, interspersed with 4ply fairy cakes.

One of our customers brought in this beautiful cardigan she made for her young granddaughter,
It is a Stylecraft ethical twist pattern, done in Paton's Wool Tweed.

It is gorgeous, look at the wooden elephant buttons and the wine coloured rose detailing.
We didn't know whether to be happy or sad at the end of our crochet course. We were ecstatic at their progress and declared them fully fledged as they sat round doing new projects of their own however, we were so upset at the loss of our friends that we suggested a monthly Crochet Get Together starting in September. Meanwhile we had a show and tell of the fantastic items which have been springing from the hooks......
Jar covers galore from Woman's weekly,

A beautiful bag from the 'Learn to Crochet' book,
A garden of roses,
and the magnificent shrug from 'Inside Crochet' !!!!

And last but definitely not least a wonderful, thrifty item made of lots of oddments and backed with a husbands ripped shirt. A truly lovely, credit crunch embracing cushion.

To think these fledglings had never used a crochet hook 6 weeks ago!
I keep promising to post photos of our own ongoing projects, if only our customers weren't so talented, I wouldn't have to keep filling the blog with their fabulous creations. I will endeavour to post our projects soon although I think there will be some pictures of the lovely new stock as the winter orders start to drift through the door, we can hardly wait.