Monday, 31 August 2009

Gogos in the wool.....

Here are the lovely Coldharbour Aran colours, we love having locally produced wool in stock ; we have more plans in that area...........

As promised before here are a few of the wonderful projects brought in by our talented customers. I should have had more photos but I reluctantly relinquished the camera to the rest of my family when they were on trips this summer, so a few amazing projects appeared that couldn't be photographed but I was pleased to have the camera when this perfect baby cardigan appeared, the toggles are just right:
Then there were these 2 crocheted beauties, the hat is wonderful

and this is the bag from a recent magazine, although I have forgotten which one..

Then, I was almost speechless when this beautiful 'marmalade' kidsilk haze scarf appeared, it was breathtaking and has been made as a Christmas present for a very lucky lady.
You will be pleased to hear I finished the boottees which have been shipped off to my cousin despite them still looking like 2 left shoes!
We have been inundated with our Winter orders, although there is more to come. We adore Crofter and the newly introduced Crofter Chunky. We couldn't believe our luck when this display garment arrived, I have to stop myself from taking it home at the weekend.
Our Cashmerino shelves are full to bursting baby, dk and aran, all in mouthwatering colours. You can imagine how hard it is to get on with the mundane tasks when you could be restacking the soft, warm, delicious cashmerino...............
but then there is the tweedy chunky:

or the Sirdar click dk OR chunky which is divine, I should show you the tea cosy.

I have alluded to the fact that I have not been very artful in my childcare arrangements and have therefore ended up with a very bored 6 year old boy mooching around the wool for a couple of days. We have at least 25 colours of Diploma Gold and when I was checking the stock I had a wee surprise.....................

Back to school this week so no more Gogos in the wool, I can't help feeling a bit sad


  1. First time visiting your lovely blog!
    Just thought to wish you every sucess with your beautiful shop!


  2. What beautiful colours. I thought you'd be interested to see the work featured on lulu carters last post...

  3. Hello Girls!
    So many beautiful things that have been made, I particularly like the bag and the scarf. Another thing for me to have a go at! I have been so busy with house decorating that I haven't had the time to do much else. I will be popping in next week sometime to have a look at all the GORGEOUS new stock!!
    Catriona,someone else who likes fencing, fantastic! Unfortunately they have stopped doing it in Shepton so will try elsewhere. Hope the house move went well and that you are settling in well Maxine.
    See you soon
    Take care
    Isabelle x