Tuesday, 9 June 2009

It has been a while since the last blog and a lot has happened. I have been on holiday, I know.... poor Maxine, I am sure she will get her revenge. It was time for another Artisan Market on the hill, the last one was very busy with lots of friends passing by and we were looking forward to this one. We wanted to do a summer window, so to commemorate D-Day and because the colours look good, we chose Red White and Blue .
Complete with a knitted AND crocheted Union Jack,and this adorable summery, strawberry topped tea cosy.We started our first crochet classes on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Two lovely groups of ladies came along and we tackled granny squares. It was really rewarding to see them completing their first square. We hope they are looking forward to the next few weeks. One of the Tuesday morning ladies writes a beautiful blog Suzy's vintage attic .We have had a few visitors who blog including, a few weeks ago, the friendly girl from Knitcave who was telling me how she knits while walking along, I was very impressed. Then this week; Nicky, we had a chat and a chance to tell her how beautiful her dolls are and Clare. We never thought we would meet so many lovely people.More exciting news, our friend Mary, a knitting genius, is booked in to do a 'Sock Day' in October. She will show you how to cast on to and knit with 4 needles, knit a heel flap, turn a heel and graft a toe then if you still have some energy simple cabling and lace. Our website is coming along and the new improved version which will include details of our courses will appear in the next couple of weeks. My daughter has a Roman day at school tomorrow and has to take a Roman lunch. She has just requested stuffed dormouse, it's getting late but I wonder if I could knit one?


  1. Hi Guys...two visits in one week for me! Love your shop and the knitted bunting is inspired! I am always completely impressed by anything knitted...being so rubbish at it myself...I'll stick to my sewing machine...

    Hope the Artisan Market bought extra custom your way - it had a great atmosphere.

    Hope to pop-by again sometime...
    Niki x

  2. Yum....a knitted dormouse! mind you those knitted cakes in the indo looked good enough to eat. have a good week.

  3. oo! Oo! I have seen that window!! thanks for a lovely visit today. The shop looks triffic.

  4. Sorry to have to write to you this way but my provider just doesn't connect to blueyonder.co . So glad you liked the cotton yarn. It washes like heaven in the machine. Received my wool last Thursday and its perfect. A million thanks. If I send you a deposit slip for my bank, could you drop the slip and the 18GBP at the Lloyd's Bank in Frome's Market Square? The bank next to the eyeglass shop and the Emery Little Insurance Company? Let me know. Ok? And I'll mail you a slip. The weather here is scorching -- between 30-35C with lots of humidity. Disgusting. No one is out on the streets and I don't go out except for necessities. Been knitting a sweater every 5 days!! I'll send you a photo of the sweater I make with the wool you sent! Looks like we'll be in Frome again (I hope) this winter (Nov.-Dec) and I look foward to chatting you both up then!! Please let me know if you can do the bank deposit and I'll send you a slip. Many thanks again for my yarn. Sorry your mailing was so expensive but it was the cheapest I could get, believe me. Hope the shop has a fabulous summer. Regards, GE