Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cupcake Surprise!

Last time I promised you a peek at our own projects and this morning Maxine thrilled me with a surprise project she had been working on overnight from 'Knittoday'. I now have a beautiful new keyring on my shop keys.You might already know that we have a few patterns written by Maxine for the shop which include tea cosies, bunting and the very popular cotton peg bag. The latest additions are this cute baby hot water bottle and decorative heart. These were knitted in King Cole 'Splash' which is lovely for household items as well as baby knits. The decoration reminds us of small rosies.Here is my work in progress! It is a cardigan and I am very excited about finishing it, I have been knitting it for about 4 months and it only needs sewn up. However if I stopped photographing it and picked it up off the floor, I might get on better. I will let you see the finished article, soon I hope.

Next to the retro crochet tea cosy are a plate of petit fours kindly donated for display by a very talented customer. They have been in the window and drawn a lot of attention. Another very talented customer brought in this beautiful baby hat knitted in baby cashmerino from 'Baby Bloom' by Erika Knight. You can just make out the gorgeous tiny heart button in the centre of the ribbon.

I was so in love with this that I have bought the book which includes beautiful maternity patterns. Now, the last thing I need is another baby so lets hope I become an aunty again soon.


  1. Glad you got to order the yarn. Will let you know when it arrives. Will mail it as cheaply as possible. Its a good 10 degrees here in DC warmer than in Frome, but I still miss Frome!!! Can you help me? I need two more balls of Diploma Gold 4ply in gold color 4228, lot 1578346? If you have them, email me at geribaer@gmail.com and I'll give you my credit card for the wool and the mailing.
    Thanks a lot. Writing you this way because the maxine email wouldn't go through today. Thanks a lot. Geri-Ellen

  2. Fab post! More, more, more pleeeease!
    LOVE the retro tea cosy.

  3. Sorry -- I just can't get through on the blue yonder site. It rejects all my emails to you and bounces them back to me. Got your yarn and posted it out to you on Thursday last. I assume you will receive it this week. It was a bit expensive as it was heavy, and it came to 26.50 British pounds. Please just credit it against the wool you are sending me and just send me the balance. You will be pleased with the quality and colors. I wonder what you will knit with it?? Hope all is well with you and Frome. I look forward to hearing from you and also receiving my wool. Regards, Geri

  4. Lovely to meet you both today - what friendly girls you are! ;-)) (You can carry on talking about me now! heehee!)

    Good luck with your delightful shop - you've done a wonderful job kitting it out with lovely knitted pieces....I'll 'blog-ya-later' when I have a spare 10 minutes.

    See you again sometime,
    Niki x

  5. Lovely to meet you today..the shop is really beautiful. Promise I'll finish 'the' scarf (although it may kill me!)and I managed not to loose my husband...sometimes I think an adult sized set of toddler reigns would be very useful!Let me know when you do a 'basic' knitting course.