Saturday, 20 June 2009

Mad Cows and Fabulous Crochet

The shop has been fairly quiet the last couple of weeks but Maxine and I are still chasing our tails and finding our all pervasive venture time consuming and challenging, yet we are both very happy. Maxine had a day off and sat in the sun to crochet the Woman's Weekly selection which includes the beautiful tea light cover and look at the plant pot, what can I say. She shunned the housework as there is no need to clean a house you are waiting to move out of. 'What, start your own business AND move house?' I hear you cry. I think Max is working on the principle that one stress will keep her mind off the other. More news of the move as it happens....

Well, the Crochet Course is going well. One of our (vastly pregnant) Tuesday morning ladies who had never touched a crochet hook 2 weeks ago arrived with this beauty......
Isn't her baby going to be enveloped in fabulous crochet? This week everyone brought amazing granny squares. We hadn't imagined how exciting it would be to see what our proteges had been making. Here is the Thursday evening class which we do in the front of the shop as we are closed. You can see me sporting the cardigan I had been making for months. Now it is finished I feel it has elevated me to 'mad cow who works in a wool shop' status, wholly appropriate but still taking some getting used to.
From one mad cow to the best cow I have ever seen. She has prize winning udders and wonderful crumpled horns and pound coins in her hooves to make her stand, she is adorable and knitted by one of our talented customers who is waiting for her grandchild to be born who will be a proud farmer at birth. Meanwhile, we have stocked up on King Cole to make the amazing summer pattern which you can just see in the background. There is a sunflower wall hanging, complete with ladybird and a flowery cushion and the best strawberry tarts with no calories.

We have also taken delivery of Mitchell's Wool Fat soap and Woolly Wash, the soap smells like soap used to smell and is perfect for sensitive skin

and there is a wonderful ceramic dish with shaving soap and we stock the refills.
It might be midsummer's eve but we saw a rep this week to discuss our winter order! Now the best thing to come out of it was this divine Donegal Luxury Tweed tea cosy which Maxine designed from a sample our lovely rep left. If only you could feel it...............

If you have noticed the time of this posting, it is because I am waiting for my eldest son to come home from a Scout Night Hawk, I planned to sit up and knit however I have been busy sewing. My younger daughter has requested a skirt and we went to
Millie Moon and had a lovely time choosing material, we are very excited about starting it, I just hope when we finish she doesn't feel elevated to 'Mad Cow' status too.


  1. I must try and get over to see you before too long, but free days are hard to come by. Maybe, soon ...

    It was super to meet Maxine today at the Giant Flea at Shepton. I must apologise for being so vague. It has been one of those days ... so many people crowding round the stall (mustn't complain) but I did rather end up with a dazed/glazed look and Marmalade Yarns and Frome just didn't register as it should have! So sorry Maxine. It really was a treat to meet you and your daughter, and I promise to have my brain engaged next time!!!

    Sue x

  2. Hello Maxine & Catriona

    Lovely post! Love your choice of colours in the first picture. Very impressed with picture 2, how well she has done! Thank you for all your help with teaching me how to crochet. I am so enjoying the course. See you on Tuesday
    Isabelle x