Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Your Best Christmas Pullover

I have now fully come to terms with the 'Christmas starts in October ' ethos of being a retailer and in fact if you want your very own perfect Christmas jumper then Christmas may start much earlier.

Maxine has already finished hers and has smugly installed it in the shop, as featured in the last post.

 I think she is taunting me as she is fully aware that I cast on the Rowan Christmas Slipover this January, yes JANUARY!!!

So now I am on a massive mission to finish mine. It doesn't even have sleeves but I am sweating over this project. It is knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed and I have chosen more subtle colours (celadon and cinnamon)  which I am not so sure was a great idea. I love the colours but the reindeer are less distinct.

Meanwhile we have several other desirable Christmas knits in the window:

These are all King Cole patterns.
Aren't the jumpers for bottles a great idea? All patterns are available in the shop and there is still time to knit them before Christmas.

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  1. What a fab shop, can't you move nearer to me!! We do have a fairly local shop and I do make a point of going whenever possible as I believe in supporting small local suppliers. ( but it's not as nice as yours , shah don't tell them! )
    I wish you all the best.