Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kate Davies in Frome!

This week, we were thrilled to have a visit from my favourite knitwear designer: Kate Davies. To say I am a fan is a bit of an understatement as I find her truly inspirational and love all of her work. I have been following her blog for a few years and love the photography, scenery, history designs and colours and of course Bruce. If you look at all of the above links, you too will be a follower.

So now you are wondering 'Where is the photo?' Yes, good question, where is the photo??? I didn't even ask her to sign my book!!

I think I was so determined not to come across as a dribbling groupie I forgot to use my brain. Luckily Kate brought her camera and took some lovely pictures and was very complimentary about Frome, which is a lovely place to live or visit. So I don't have a picture of me smiling next to Kate Davies but you can look at her pictures here.


  1. Oh NOOOO! I took just one shot too. :( I should have thought of it. Sorry!!

  2. Not your fault! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day.