Thursday, 10 November 2011


As any good wool shop should we stock a very wide range of yarns from 100% acrylic through all the mixes to 100% wool and lots of other fibres too: cotton, bamboo, alpaca, silk, mohair, angora and even sugar cane. We realise that when customers ask for 'wool' that is not always what they actually want or require for the project they have in mind. We try to guide our customers to the best yarn for their specific needs, 'wool' is a widely used misnomer which can be excused in our day to day shop life.

However in the case of labelling of textiles, calling any yarn 'wool' is unacceptable. I am a great fan of Kate Davies who has written an eye opening blog post, Wool 0%  highlighting the misuse of the word 'wool' in labelling of textiles and garments.

She is campaigning to have 'wool' labelling clearly defined and anything less than 50% pure wool to be labelled 'wool mix'. I am shocked that this is not already the case and thank her for bringing this to our attention. In association she has launched Wovember where you can sign a petition of support, so please read her posts, follow all the links and sign the petition,
Thank You



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