Friday, 26 August 2011


Yes, we are still here and working hard. The web shop is taking a lot longer than I thought and the summer holidays haven't helped the situation.
Did I say 'summer' ? I was using the word loosely as we haven't had much evidence of summer this year.
I couldn't believe it when 2 large boxes were delivered this week, MORE wool? We can hardly move for the stuff and now we have MORE?
However, I soon forgot about space issues when I saw what was in the boxes: Icelandic Lopi Wool and some delightful patterns.
I have mentioned the fact that I am mainly working on UFO's this year but still allow myself to start a couple (or several) new projects. Just now I am working on the delightful 'Owls' by Kate Davies. This is the 2nd jumper I have knitted in the round and I think this is the best way to make a jumper. Very satisfying. For this reason I can't wait to start one of these toasty icelandic projects.
Now I don't care if the weather is less than summery, bring on winter, I've got jumpers to make.

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