Monday, 6 June 2011


As all of you know, every knitter has a long list of 'projects for the future' stacking up either mentally, on ravelry or as a physical pile of books and patterns. Or as in my case in all 3 areas. High in my list of 'must knit' are several of the adorable dogs in this book:
I love the Westie on the front cover and the red setter, afghan hound and bulldog are delightful. However, this weekend we were visited by a very special wee dog who attends a knitting group and patiently keeps her owner company. An adorable miniature dachshund called Bronte. She is booked onto a course with Alison Crowther-Smith, who is a dachshund lover herself.
She was well admired while visiting a we hope to welcome her on one of our courses soon.
I have recently finished Sandra Polley's Milly, for my son. He loves it, maybe she needs a few friends!

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