Sunday, 10 October 2010

Last year we had to make do with 2nd but this year we managed to scoop the carnival window trophy, when I say we, Maxine arranged the window then I got my photo in the paper holding the trophy:

We think the clincher was our carnival queen with ladies in waiting, knitted by one of our talented customers. Behind her you can see some of the 7 dwarves knitted by another of our fabulous customers.

Here is a glimpse of the cupboard which used to house the sofa. We have gained numerous shelves but much to our surprise are still struggling to fit everything in, which of course is a sign of how many different, lovely wools we are trying to squeeze into our small shop.

The sofa is being well used now it is out in front of the window and it is lovely to sit there with the light behind you while you knit.
Another new display area is our 'Noro Shrine'

It is British wool week and one of my favourite knitting blogs has several related links
Glitty Knitty Kitty . So click on the link and have a browse, while there you can admire her talents.


  1. Well deserved ladies! You woz robbed last time!!

  2. So pleased you got it this year!!!