Thursday, 29 July 2010


This week has seen the arrival of Noro Sekku, the new laceweight by the masters of colour.
We have 8 different colours begging to be knitted into their fabulous rainbows.

Durung the Frome festival we were one of the hosts for "Frome Writers in Residence". I was very excited to have an author in the shop using the surroundings to inspire a short story which had to contain the phrase " I wondered if the magic was still there"
We had a lovely lady called Jackie Eliot who worked very hard. She started in our window and decamped to the knitted and crocheted sofa. We hjad about 5 different photographers come and take pictures of her as she worked but I can't find any on line. However......
SHE WON FIRST PRIZE so instead of a link to a photo of her writing I can link you to a page where you can download the story and read for yourselves. WOOL GATHERING
We were honoured when she presented us with our own copy in a knitted cover which is now "Book in Residence" on our sofa.

I love the title and found the story very touching.
Maxine and I are both off next week but our friend Eileen will be there to welcome our customers.

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