Monday, 12 October 2009

Having Kittens.

My favourite comment this month came from a customer who looked at the Kidsilk Haze and declared 'Oooh it's like a basket of multicoloured kittens!' I love the stuff even more now. Our subsequent customers fall into 2 camps when I tell them this story; those who agree and go all misty eyed and start stroking the individual balls and those who stare and seem to be resisting the urge to run from the shop muttering 'nutters!' under their breath.

We have completed our first 'Learn to Knit' class and embarked on the 2nd 'Learn to Crochet' class which we are hoping will go as well as the first one. We had a crochet get together with our graduated crochet group, who are all now better at crochet than we are. Everyone brought along amazing things including this fabulous blanket, it has such a vintage feel to it.

Another customer popped in with their King Cole cushion, it is even better in real life than on the pattern.

However, this pair of immaculately dressed dolls have been causing the most fuss. Their outfits are perfect, complete with school ties, wee shoes and the boys cap. They both have satchels with buttons and the reason they are causing a stir? They were knitted by a 10 year old girl! She brought them into the shop in a double buggy and we have had them on display ever since. I am sure we have a future knitwear designer.


  1. I love that cushion with the flowers on!!!
    Very impressed by what the 10 year old girl has made. How wonderful to see a child make something like that. Very impressed!
    Isabelle x

  2. I've just been catching up with what seems like weeks-worth of your posts. Congratulations on the award. Your window looked fabulous - all that hard work. And as for the 'schoolchildren'. They are amazing. What a clever girl.


  3. love the look of the shop now, it looks exciting and funky very appropriate for Frome :) Love the school children dolls amazing what children can create.